Old and Young Poker Cheats Today

The human nature has many facets and behind any positive side, there is always a dark one. The gambling world knows about the dark side more as it deals with it more. Therefore, like anywhere else, in the world of poker, cheating is one of the numerous incurable evils seen and known for ages. Poker cheats have a long history, may be as long as the poker game itself, and this fact as well as its details should be taught in junior school of poker from the very beginning. Why it is so? Because any good cannot exist without the bad and vice versa.

Environmental conditions of this kind of pests just add to the vital energy of the latter, and this happened exactly to poker, when it sprang on the Web. Of course, poker cheats online are far not the same like their elders: this is natural, as these have to survive within the different medium. Moreover, like any germs or viruses, they are present in every niche of the poker hierarchy: from top to bottom, i.e. for any level of mastership and flavor. For example, in the middle ages there were shorting the pot, avoiding fees and other primitive methods of irritating other players; while today other spyware is doing the same tricks. The skilled cheating methods of the past like, for instance, Riffle Stacking has already found their twins in the cyber world, too. This is exactly why one must know both old and young enemies in person.