Seven, Five, Three Card Poker Rules

It would be difficult to expect that every next poker variant invention may bring something special and very different from what poker has already offered to its worshipers. No doubt, that three card poker rules are not similar to five or seven card variants, but, being honest, these are poker rules anyway. Moreover, in professional circles poker rules and regulations create the secure foundation that any poker player uses in everyday life. This is something like, for example, football game rules used by both FIFA and UEFA around the world. In other words, that is exactly what makes people, having a deck of playing cards, to play poker and not, say, blackjack.

Indeed, poker rules are more common than it may seem at a glance: three card and holdem poker rules may not be equal just because the number of cards as well as hands is different. The key factor is the number of cards in hands: no poker player ever divides attention between two pokers. This is a natural way of poker rules application, which every poker player uses. Nevertheless, it is necessary to mention so-called informal rules that are not written anywhere but are known to every poker buff. Among those, there are rules of conduct, rules of playing and rules of self-control.

The onliness of poker, its every special feature, gave birth to many bywords: “hold’em”, “fold’em”, “poker face” and so on. No wonder, why most of such sayings belong to self-control rules: human nature is the source of many troubles, if not all. As one can see, the culture of poker, unlike many other games of chance, was praised in many written works, songs, movies. It is notable by itself, but in respect to this writing, it is an unquestionable evidence of the poker rules relevance.